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  • Product Name:Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine
  • Sort:Machinery & Equipment
  • Model:RC51-71/117型
  • Size:
  • Production cycle:
  • Validity:2023-03-31
  • Company Name:Shantou Huada Packing Machinery Factory
USEAGE RC series forming machine is mainly suitable for curled sheet of PVC, PS, bubbly PSP, PE,PP, PET, biodegraded PP, etc., to make all kind of thin open container through vacuumforming process, for example, many kinds of disposable lunch box, fast food plate, instant noodle bowl, western food box, inner lining of food packing, ice cream cup, candy box, cake box, etc. It can also make packing products for tourist goods, toy, medicine, electric appliance component, hardware, etc., as well as breeding plate for farm crops. The machine is suitable for curled plastic film of PVC, PS, PET, to make all kinds of products through vacuum forming process. CHARACTER OF CONSTRUCTION I. The machine is combined with pneumatic, mechanical and electric mode, to achieve automatic continuous process of feeding sheet, moulding, demoulding and transverse cutting. 2. The width and length of sheet feeding can be stepless adjusted accurately, suitable for the arrangement of different mould, with
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